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Myzithra is a kind of cheese well known since the ancient times. It comes from the whey taken after the procession of creaming and it has the sweet flavour of hot milk . It is produced through specific procession [heating and steering] of whey which is derived from both sheep and goat milk mixed with fresh one. Fresh Myzithra is eaten plain but it can also be served with honey ,nuts or jam. It can also be used in sweets and in food recipes as it can be mixed with other kinds of cheese in the making of pies. It is also suitable [in small quantities]for people who are on diet.Its taste might remind you the taste of manouri[another soft cheese] and it can be kept in the fridge for only a few days.


Dry myzithra is a white very hard to chew cheese of a special taste.though.It is produced with a mixture of whey and sheep and goat milk.It is quite salty and it is used on pasta or as an additive to some dishes.It has a strong scent ,it does not go off and it can be kept in the fridge for quite a long time because of the absence of humidity.It matures in the air for 2-4 weeks until it completely dries and become as hard as it should be.




               DRY MYZITHRA ERYMANTHOS                                                      SOFT MYZITHRA ERYMANTHOS