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Traditional ‘’FETA ERYMANTHOS’’is a product which has a certified origin and it is made of fresh sheep and goat milk[till 30%] from animals bred in local farms .It is put in wooden barrels for three months so as to mature . What makes FETA ERYMANTHOS unique is the wide knowledge , the experience and the persistence of people working for us. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that we have managed to build long term working cooperation with our suppliers based on trust and honesty.

That way we can control every step of production and collection of the milk not to mention that we can be absolutely certain of the quality and the purity of the taste of our product .Last but not least ,we are trying to sustain the local character of our Feta which is available on the market entitled ‘’FETA ERYMANTHOS’’



                       Tupper 2kg                                                                                              VACUUM 3kg                                                  Tupper 4kg




              Package 17 kg                                                            Package 35kg                                                                   Barrel 60kg